5 Benefits of Quinoa for Breakfast

We’re in the final stretch! Just a month and a half until our third baby is born, and I’m trying to make healthier choices like quinoa for breakfast instead of a craving-induced binge of Cocoa Puffs and peanut butter. Not that I’ve ever tried that combo after waking up inexplicably famished at 3am.

Final stretch of pregnancy

My last OBGYN appointment didn’t go so well, as the doctor sternly informed me that I’ve gained weight too rapidly – 16 pounds in 10 weeks – and my blood glucose tests are in the high range. She also went on to critique my new baby’s name, lectured me for not being immunized and told me I should see a tubal ligation specialist before I go on having too many kids. This HMO thing is a real joy. But I’m versed enough in the tests at this point to read the results myself and know that I AM overdoing it with the sweets.

Toddler eating quinoa for breakfast

I’ve been trying SO hard to keep the family eating healthy, but it’s clearly been a bit of a challenge for me these last couple of months. Continue Reading >>

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