DIY Party Hat for a Kid-friendly New Year

Nate has to work on New Year’s Eve this year. Kind of a bummer, but with the new baby still so young I doubt we’d be doing anything too wild anyway. I’ve decided to lounge around at home with the boys and maybe a couple of family friends. We’ll make crafts and do kid-friendly stuff to make it a really memorable year for the little ones! First up on the docket? DIY party hats.

DIY party hat craft for a kid-friendly New Year

Some Boy and Sidekick are obsessed with the Madagascar series. When I heard that Netflix was coming out with All Hail King Julien, a show entirely dedicated to the spunky little lemur character, our New Year’s Eve theme was set. We worked with Netflix to come up with these King Julien-inspired DIY party hats that are absolutely perfect for a jungle-style New Year’s celebration.

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