A Day of Temecula Sightseeing

Back when we lived in LA, Nate and I would take weekend trips around Southern California. I distinctly remember telling him about this little gem of a town called Temecula. People raved about Temecula sightseeing, particularly their annual balloon and wine festival.

A day in Temecula

“I can’t quite figure out if it’s pronounced ‘Te-meec-you-la’ or ‘Te-meck-ool-ah,’ but this historic town releases dozens of hot air balloons all at once,” I excitedly described. “Can you imagine seeing them all glowing in the sky?”

For the record, it’s Tem-eck-you-la.

A day in Temecula

Nate and I now live just half an hour away from this scenic spot. We took our first hot air balloon ride during a Temecula sightseeing trip several years ago. It’s become well known as the scene for some of the silver screen’s big recent blockbusters, and is now a common choice for bachelorette parties. Temecula sightseeing is an upscale alternative to the rowdier Vegas scene.

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