Lettuce Wraps that Rock Your Tastebuds

We’ve been traveling so much lately that I haven’t had time to keep food stocked. Anything fresh around here is the result of a CSA box, a friend showing up with something from their garden, or me calling Nate and asking him to pick up vegetables because I NEED something crunchy. He invariably asks what kind of veggies I want and I’m like, “I don’t know. I have meat in the freezer. Just bring be something green or red or yellow and I’ll figure it out.” And that’s how these lettuce wraps come to be.

Chile verde breakfast burgers

I call them “kitchen sink” lettuce wraps because I basically pull out everything in the kitchen (except the sink, get it?) and throw it out on the counter. Everyone is free to compile whatever looks good into their own customized lettuce wraps.

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