What is photography? Photography is capturing a moment that is instantly in the past. It's preserving time. Everyone should photograph as if they'll go blind at any moment.
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Creating a Creative Space

Guide to creating a creative space where you can relax, write and develop greatness

I shared last week how I painted my office grey to make it a more creative space and more conducive for photography. I was saving a big corner for something special, and finally got it set up yesterday. Tada! I put a bed in my office. Nature's Sleep offered to send us one of their gel … [Continue reading...]

Why your Kids Should be in the Kitchen


My kitchen is always messy. And when it is at it's cleanest I know it is only a matter of minutes before it is demolished again. Why? Because my four-year-old son is helping me cook dinner that night. I really feel having your kids in the kitchen is important -even if you just have them help ventilate the plastic on that frozen lasagna using a fork. And the benefits outweigh all of the spilled tomato sauce, grated cheese and flour I have cleaned up off the counters and floor. Why … [Continue reading...]

How to Maximize your Disney Vacation

How to maximize your Disney vacations

We just got back from the Disney vacation of a lifetime. I was thrilled to be invited to the Disney Social Media Moms conference for the first time this year, offering me the chance to hang out with a bunch of my favorite bloggers to learn about what's new in social media and the world of Disney. I also got to bring the family and experience the very best of Disneyland and California Adventure to bring my readers tips for their own Disney vacations. Want to maximize your Disney … [Continue reading...]

The Green Guide to Bathroom Recycling

Do you know what's recyclable in the bathroom? Here's an easy list that breaks it all down.

Earth Day is coming up! While I truly believe that every day should be Earth Day, I do make a point this season annually to dig through and change some lingering bad habits and detox/re-think an area of my home that could be functioning in a more green manner. This year, I'm looking at the bathroom. Our sponsors at Healthy Essentials emailed me the other day to ask about my bathroom recycling habits and I was like, "Bathroom recycling? Say what?" Apparently, a ton of items throughout the … [Continue reading...]

My Black and White Photo

What is photography? Photography is capturing a moment that is instantly in the past. It's preserving time. Everyone should photograph as if they'll go blind at any moment.

I was never a pure country kid. No, I was born into the mean streets of San Diego. The harsh sunny beaches with their infinitely surging waves of blue green water. The mountains of giant boulders and eye-scorching vistas. Worse even, the downtown scene. I mean, how bad off do you have to be to have an entire district named for its plight? No electricity, I guess, in the "Gaslamp District." Terrible. Either way, it was San Diego none the less. Around the time I turned five years old, we … [Continue reading...]

5 Spring Activities for Toddlers

5 Spring Activities for Toddlers

Spring has definitely sprung. The sun is shining and summer is right around the corner. It's time to change up our routine with a few fun spring activities for the little ones. I put together 5 of our favorite springtime activities to share with you. #1 Swim Lessons I like to get my kiddo involved in swim lessons in the springtime so that she is ready for pool days over the summer. We started a little late last year and didn't get to take full advantage of enjoying the pool all … [Continue reading...]

Sidekick’s First Time to Disneyland ($50 Giveaway)


We're going to Disneyland! You all know how much I love theme parks with little kids (I mean, I pretty much ONLY had these children so I could ride the Fantasyland rides at Disneyland without feeling like a dork), so I was ridiculously excited when Disney reached out to invite us to #DisneySMmoms, their on-site conference for blogging families. It'll be our first time at the conference, and Sidekick's first time at Disneyland! Follow us all weekend over on Instagram to see our updates. To … [Continue reading...]

Studio Color Choice: Every Artist’s Difficult Decision

Not sure what color to use as a background? You can never fail with grey.

I've been putting off this studio color revamp for quite some time. In fact, it's one of the last rooms in my home to be painted. Awhile back, I shared with you the disaster zone that was my office and how I used craft hutch organization to corral everything into place. I've been getting more work done in this room, but to be honest, I still hated being in there. So. Much. Yellow. I could hardly think surrounded by that color. And with this area serving more and more for photography (with … [Continue reading...]

4 Allergy-Friendly Pre-Packaged Foods

Not everything needs to be homemade when you're lactose or gluten-intolerant. Here are allergy friendly foods that you can buy at the grocery store.

When I was a kid, I had over a dozen food allergies. This was back in the day when food allergies weren't commonly diagnosed, and NOBODY made allergy-friendly pre-packaged foods. Just about everything had to be made from scratch for me. Nowadays, allergies are more accepted. Entire companies exist to make allergy-friendly foods, and many established manufacturers try to use allergy-friendly options when they can. Knowing what a challenge it can be to feed your family with these … [Continue reading...]

Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Sausage Pancake Bites

Sausage Pancake Bites - kid-friendly breakfast ideas

Sometimes we can get a little rushed in the mornings with getting ready for school and for the day. So we need great breakfast ideas for kids that not only are easy, but are something they'll eat. These Sausage Pancake Bites are something I can make ahead on a Sunday and then just pop in the toaster oven on a weekday for a simple and delicious breakfast. The kids absolutely love them and they pair perfectly with a cup of fruit for a breakfast that takes less than 5 minutes to reheat. It's the … [Continue reading...]