Time to Replace Windshield Wipers: Swish, Swish, Swish

We needed to replace windshield wipers on our trusty family car, so we worked with SocialStars and Walmart through their #WalmartAuto program to install Rain-X Expert Fit Wiper Blades.

replace windshield wipers #WalmartAuto

One of my automotive neurotic pet peeves is a window with spots or dust on it. It just gets under my skin. It’s visually annoying and frankly, depending on the circumstances, can be quite unsafe.

There you are, rounding the corner of a hill, spots and streaks or what have you layin about on your window, and suddenly…BAM! The sun pummels your glass with photons it seemed to have shot just for you from 93,000,000 miles away (what’s even more amazing is that it had to aim eight minutes ahead of you because…you know…light takes that long to hit earth from the sun). And there you are. Hurtling at some 55mph on the edge of a hill near an unprotected cliff with motorcycles and semi trucks zipping and heaving your way.

All the while your windshield has been transformed into a plasma screen of bright blurry light. In the past, when I was a poor college student, I would just drive with my head out the window like some totally cool guy until I could get to the nearest gas station. I became a connoisseur of the quick stop and self service window squeegee. I actually knew, and still do, the top five gas stations with decent window cleaning stations, as well as the ones I wouldn’t go to.

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