What is photography? Photography is capturing a moment that is instantly in the past. It's preserving time. Everyone should photograph as if they'll go blind at any moment.
little boy with California Strawberries for a heart
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Haha. I love Modern Family!

Wandering and Wondering

Stop to smell the flowers and the trees and life in general

I wonder sometimes. I wonder if the technology we posses today really improves our lives as much as we think it does. My mother pointed out to me that nowadays, people are addicted to instant gratification. At first I thought I would argue, but realized quickly she was right. It's hard to argue when … [Continue reading...]

Starting a Community Compost Site {How To}

Starting a Community Compost

Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of garbage and waste you create, improve and add to the soil that you garden with and it benefits the environment too. Starting a community compost site is an even bigger win because when there is a public option, more folks have a way of joining in and starting to compost for themselves. Almost half of residential waste is made up of material that can be composted, so there is definitely a steady supply of materials to contribute to a compost … [Continue reading...]

At Home Fertility Treatment Options: The Stork

Fertility treatment options at home

If you follow me over on BabyZone, you've seen that Nate and I have tried a whole host of weird things to get pregnant with a third child. At home fertility treatment options range from the awkward (charting) to the questionable (cough syrup) to the downright gross (cod liver oil). After trying to conceive for over a year and getting well-entrenched in the world of at home fertility treatment options, I was excited to see a new option come onto the scene. Called The Stork, it's perfect … [Continue reading...]

How to Make Strawberry Wine without Yeast

How to make strawberry vinegar with strawberry hulls

As I bring home box upon box of California Strawberries this season, I inevitably end up with a lot of hulls. What to do? Figure out how to make strawberry wine! I was trying to make strawberry vinegar, but I'm a space cadet and forgot the second fermentation process. So I inadvertently discovered how to make strawberry wine. And it's delicious! There's no yeast or "mother" required, since strawberries have enough natural chemicals to turn the liquid into booze. How to Make Strawberry … [Continue reading...]

Oral Development: What New Parents Should Know

What parents should learn about oral development before having their first child

Sidekick was born tongue-tied: the tissue attaching his tongue to his lower jaw was too short, constricting his tongue movement. He also had an upper lip frenulum tie: the tissue connecting his upper lip to his gums extended too far down his gumline, making it difficult for him to control his lip movement. The doctors recognized his tongue tie when he stopped breathing several times in the hospital due to choking on his spit-up, as he was unable to move it out of the way with his tongue. … [Continue reading...]

Creating a Creative Space

Guide to creating a creative space where you can relax, write and develop greatness

I shared last week how I painted my office grey to make it a more creative space and more conducive for photography. I was saving a big corner for something special, and finally got it set up yesterday. Tada! I put a bed in my office. Nature's Sleep offered to send us one of their gel mattresses when they heard me gripe about ongoing back pain after Sidekick's birth. I've remarked quite a few times that I work best in bed so I thought, "Why not give it a shot? Maybe I'll accomplish … [Continue reading...]

Why your Kids Should be in the Kitchen


My kitchen is always messy. And when it is at it's cleanest I know it is only a matter of minutes before it is demolished again. Why? Because my four-year-old son is helping me cook dinner that night. I really feel having your kids in the kitchen is important -even if you just have them help ventilate the plastic on that frozen lasagna using a fork. And the benefits outweigh all of the spilled tomato sauce, grated cheese and flour I have cleaned up off the counters and floor. Why … [Continue reading...]

How to Maximize your Disney Vacation

How to maximize your Disney vacations

We just got back from the Disney vacation of a lifetime. I was thrilled to be invited to the Disney Social Media Moms conference for the first time this year, offering me the chance to hang out with a bunch of my favorite bloggers to learn about what's new in social media and the world of Disney. I also got to bring the family and experience the very best of Disneyland and California Adventure to bring my readers tips for their own Disney vacations. Want to maximize your Disney … [Continue reading...]

The Green Guide to Bathroom Recycling

Do you know what's recyclable in the bathroom? Here's an easy list that breaks it all down.

Earth Day is coming up! While I truly believe that every day should be Earth Day, I do make a point this season annually to dig through and change some lingering bad habits and detox/re-think an area of my home that could be functioning in a more green manner. This year, I'm looking at the bathroom. Our sponsors at Healthy Essentials emailed me the other day to ask about my bathroom recycling habits and I was like, "Bathroom recycling? Say what?" Apparently, a ton of items throughout the … [Continue reading...]

My Black and White Photo

What is photography? Photography is capturing a moment that is instantly in the past. It's preserving time. Everyone should photograph as if they'll go blind at any moment.

I was never a pure country kid. No, I was born into the mean streets of San Diego. The harsh sunny beaches with their infinitely surging waves of blue green water. The mountains of giant boulders and eye-scorching vistas. Worse even, the downtown scene. I mean, how bad off do you have to be to have an entire district named for its plight? No electricity, I guess, in the "Gaslamp District." Terrible. Either way, it was San Diego none the less. Around the time I turned five years old, we … [Continue reading...]