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Orange Ginger Honey Chicken Wings

Honey chicken wings made with fresh oranges and ginger

There is a Chinese saying that you first eat with your eyes, then your nose, then your mouth. In the case of these savory and sweet honey chicken wings it will be the smell of them cooking in the oven that will grab you around the taste buds and drag you into the the kitchen. The smell of ...
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How to Make Strawberry Wine without Yeast

How to make strawberry vinegar with strawberry hulls

As I bring home box upon box of California Strawberries this season, I inevitably end up with a lot of hulls. What to do? Figure out how to make strawberry wine! I was trying to make strawberry vinegar, but I'm a space cadet and forgot the second fermentation process. So I inadvertently ...
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Winter Skin Care with Whole Foods


This warm winter and dry air has done a major number on me. Dehydrated skin coupled with windy days and low humidity has left me ashy and dull. Rather than pay for a facial or skin treatment, I’d like to bring home a useful treat for my skin that will last weeks instead of days. Something that ...
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Life Hack: Portable Wine


I was on a party bus a couple months ago and saw this GENIUS idea for serving wine. Cupcake pan + cups = portable wine party! I would totally do this with red Solo cups because that's how I roll. This would be genius for tailgating events, too. Or even for a low-key backyard wedding. Someone can ...
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Fitcation 2013: Food and Wine in Paso Robles

blogger wine tour

Last weekend I headed up to Paso Robles, CA to meet with my fit bloggy friends for Fitcation 2013. I'd never been to Fitcation before and I was a little unsure what to expect. I feared they would just make me work out all day, every day (I'll admit I'm not in the best shape of my life having had two ...
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Window Decor Update

window decor update

Back in our new house tour, I showed you all the massive list of home updates we were taking on. The big changes were easy to point out right off the bat: new paint, walls being knocked down, furniture, etc. But what I really love and truly excel at is the nuances of a home. Things like window decor ...
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Benefits of Growing Organic Vegetables


With groundbreaking books like Carson’s Silent Spring, and Pollan’s work on food and nutrition, there has been a drastic recent rise in general concern over where our food comes from and how it’s grown. Orgаnіс fооd іѕ touted as some of the healthiest and most beneficial food to eat, cook for your ...
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Mom 2.0 Whirlwind

mom 2.0

We just got back from an epic whirlwind bloggy-wedding-pregnancy summit weekend. What the what? Let me explain. We drove up to Laguna Beach for a little business, a little pleasure. It started with Mom 2.0 Summit, the very best conference for bloggers who are serious about working with brands. Mom ...
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Windows Phone

how we met

Remember when I told you all that I was switching from my beloved iPhone to the new Windows Phone, and how I've been using the start screen with live tiles to simplify my life? Well, I've continued to team up with Windows and now they're giving one of my readers the opportunity to win TWO Windows ...
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