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Boy Valentines: Free Printables

I remember loving Valentine’s Day as a kid. The whole class would make little mailboxes and give out valentines. My sister and I spent hours slaving over our cute handmade hearts and glittery envelopes. It was awesome….because we’re girls. Most boys, I’ve noticed, don’t get quite as enthused about the whole “handmade expressions of love” thing. It seems that boy valentines go against the very nature of many little dudes (especially since lots of schools have now banned the candy part of it, sucking away what little sugary joy the guys found in the whole thing). So I’m here to rectify that with my very manly boy valentines.

you're a catch boy valentines free printable

I had so much fun coming up with cute phrases and creating my boy valentines. I kept running over to show Nate each new one I came up with. I’m a dork, I know. He made sure I was aware of that…not that this was really news to me.i dig you

How freaking adorable is this one? I may have had all boys (so far), but that doesn’t mean I have to miss out on the girly fun of made-up Hallmark holidays. No sir. Boy valentines can be exciting, too!

Download and Print our Boy Valentines for FREE!

free valentines for boys clickheretodownload

I’ve compiled all of my boy valentines into a single-page printable PDF in sizes that are perfect for classroom handouts (or you could even hole-punch them, loop a ribbon through and use them as treat tags). Just download by clicking the image above and then print it out onto white cardstock and trim around the edges of each of the boy valentines.

Other parents in the all-boys clan: do you find that your family skips out on traditionally “girly” activities in favor of things that are more rugged, or do you try to find ways to engage your sons in Valentine’s Day, arts and crafts, and things of that nature?

I’m linking this project up to these awesome link parties! Come check them out and get inspired.

Chelsea Day
Chelsea is a marketing consultant / writer with an inability to sit still and an unexplainable persistence in the kitchen.

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  1. I love them all! It’s so refreshing to find BOY Valentine’s since it’s such a “girly” holiday. Thanks for putting these together. I’m pinning them!

  2. These are so cute, Chelsea! I love them, being a mom of all boys so far. (We should start a club.) Seriously, though, I do try to find ways to make the holiday fun for my boys. Like a couple weekends ago, we made candy mustaches with a candy mold I found in the Valentine’s section at Michaels. Making fun Valentines to send to family, just fun stuff. Thanks for linking up to Inspire Me Wednesday!