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Steak Fajitas with Creamy Chipotle Sauce

Chipotle steak fajitas

When Smart & Final asked me to make an original recipe using Cattleman’s Finest products for their #GrillUpYourSummer contest, I immediately decided to challenge myself with a savory new twist on a classic summer favorite. These fajitas are made with smoky marinated steak and use Feta cheese instead of traditional cheddar or jack for a […]

Coconut Curry Chicken

Coconut Curry Chicken

You know those nights when you have nothing planned for dinner, so you just go to the kitchen cabinet and start pulling stuff out willy nilly? Wow. I just said willy nilly. I must be getting old. Coconut curry chicken is a dish that was born one of those nights. I had coconut, and I […]

Amaretto Peach Cheesecake

Amaretto Peach Cheesecake

This amaretto peach cheesecake is light, refreshing and fruity. It’s perfect for an early summer brunch or an evening around the porch with friends, wine spritzers and a few appetizers. Amaretto Peach Cheesecake 3 Tbsp butter 1/3 cup + 3/4 cup sugar 4 eggs 3/4 cup + 3 Tbsp flour 3 (8 ounce) packages cream […]

The Best Chicken Fajita Marinade

chicken fajitas recipe

This is one of those recipes for which I always have the ingredients on hand, and it can be made quickly when I haven’t prepared or planned anything for dinner. The ingredients sound a little weird (soy sauce in fajitas??) but trust me, this chicken fajita marinade is a real crowd-pleaser. The Best Chicken Fajita […]

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie with First Street

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie

I’m sure you’ve all heard me gush over Smart & Final and their #sfsmarties blogging program before. If not, here’s another chance! Smart & Final asked me to blog about a recipe using their First Street house-brand ice cream, and I came up with an ice cream pie that’s had my family raving for days. […]

Graham Cracker Pie Crust Recipe

graham cracker pie crust recipe

A lot of pies I make call for graham cracker pie crust, which most people buy pre-made at the store. However, graham cracker pie crusts are really easy to make with just three ingredients! Here’s the recipe I rely on to make a perfect graham cracker pie crust for all my desserts. Graham Cracker Pie […]

Semi-Homemade Easy German Chocolate Cake

Easy German Chocolate Cake

I know that cooking a German chocolate cake is usually the exact opposite the opposite of “easy.” Many German chocolate cake recipes call for a plethora of ingredients and complicated layering techniques. However, this recipe couldn’t be easier. It cheats a little bit by using boxed cake mix, but it makes the most deliciously moist […]

Orange Brownies

Orange Brownies

Nate’s parents have a ton of orange trees on their property, so we’re constantly looking for good recipes that call for oranges. This fruity desert uses orange zest and cream cheese for a tangy treat that isn’t too sweet. Everyone loves it and it’s quickly become one of my in-laws’ signature desserts! Orange Brownies Batter […]

How to Make Homemade Granola

How to Make Granola

We love to make our own snacks at home because they’re so much more cost-effective than buying pre-made treats at the store. Plus, it’s usually a fun family project and by making everything at home, I know exactly what’s in my food. No preservatives or high fructose corn syrup here! Plus, I love the fact […]

Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce Recipe

homemade hot fudge sauce

There’s nothing like ice cream with hot fudge sauce, but the jarred sauce at the store is ridiculously expensive. I make homemade hot fudge sauce from a recipe myself at a fraction of the cost – and it’s way better than the store-bought stuff! Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce Recipe 1 cup butter 1/3 cup unsweetend […]