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Santa Handprint Craft

santa handprint craft

How adorable is this goofy little Santa handprint craft? If you look closely, you can see that the Santa is made up of an upside down handprint, with the bottom of the palm colored red for his hat and the fingers covered in little pom pom cotton balls serving as his beard. It should be noted that I have a minor obsession with handprint crafts. They’re such a fun way for kids of all ages to create a personalized art project.

Get full instructions for this fun Santa handprint craft over on the Right Start blog, where I contribute weekly!

Chelsea Day
Chelsea is a marketing consultant / writer with an inability to sit still and an unexplainable persistence in the kitchen.

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  1. mdbrosius says:

    I was looking for an easy Santa craft for my daycare group, this is perfect! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Ronni Keller says:

    You just gave me the best idea!!! I’ve been begged all week to make a ‘Santa decoration’ and I had no clue where to begin!
    Thank you!!!!

  3. That is so cute! My kids would love to make something like this. I’d love to try this with them sometime.

  4. Debbie Varas says:

    Looks cute

  5. Super cute craft! My students enjoyed making it with their 1st grade buddies. :)