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Wizard of Oz House Costume #GlueNGlitter

wizard of oz house costume

Why be Dorothy or the Tin Man when you can be the house that fell on the Wicked Witch of the East? I made this with some foam board, Krazy glue and a bunch of stuff that was laying around the house. Altogether, it cost less than $20!

Wizard of Oz House Costume
Eight 20×30″ Elmer’s Foam Boards
Large piece of thin cardboard (I used an Elmer’s Display Board)
Krazy Glue
Approximately 12 square inches of scrap fabric for curtains
Fabric ribbon for curtain ties
Paint (ideally in colors like brown, yellow, beige and/or orange to accent the house)
Peet moss, dried grass or small fake flowers
A thin black Sharpie and a thick black Sharpie
X-acto knife

wizard of oz diy costume

Using the x-acto knife, cut four of the foam boards down to form the sides for the house. I cut the front and back boards to 25×20″ and the sides to 22×20″. Cut two other foam boards down to 26×20″ to form the rooftop pieces.

foam board costume

Cut two triangles for the attic area from two of the foam boards as shown above. The triangle pieces should be 13″ at the peak and 25″ wide with an extra 2″ edge at the bottom (this edge is to overlap with the front and back pieces of the house so you can glue it down later).

cardboard costume

Cut shingles (approximately 4×6″ or so) from the cardboard box and paint with thinned paint to give them a weathered look.

foam board project

Use a straightedge and the thin Sharpie to trace horizontal lines to represent wood planks on all of the sides and attic pieces of the house.

cardboard halloween

Draw six windows with shutters, each approximately 4-5″ wide and 3″ tall, a round attic window with a cross pane and a door approximately 4×8″. Cut them all out using the x-acto knife.

cardboard house

Draw the shutter slats and a box for the window pane. Cut out the window areas on the door and windows.

cardboard box craft

Place the windows and door on the house (two windows on the front and two on each side with the round window on the front attic area), trace the opening window spaces with a Sharpie and cut out the window areas. The cuts don’t have to be really precise, since you’ll be covering up the cut with the window panes. I numbered the back of each window and put the corresponding number on the foam board so I could easily remember which one goes where.

painted cardboard costume

Using different colors of thinned paint, paint the windows and door and all the sides and attic pieces of the house. Let dry.

diy miniature house

Cut six pairs of tiny curtains (approximately 1×6″) from your scrap fabric and tie a small ribbon piece around each one.

cardboard sharpie costume

From the thin cardboard or Elmer’s display board, cut seven squares approximately 3×4″ and black them out with the Sharpie. These will serve as backings for the windows so the house looks black inside.

krazy glue foam board

Glue the attic pieces to the front and back house pieces using the Krazy Glue.

how to miniature house

Glue the curtains into the windows and glue the black squares behind them.

wizard of oz house craft

Glue down the doors and windows, and add the peet moss, dried grass or decorative flowers as accents around the base of the house.

Wizard of Oz House

Glue all the sides together, glue the roof on top and add the shingles on top of that.

Play the part of the witch with striped tights and red shoes. Any girl SHOULD have a pair of red shoes in her closet. Seriously, they’re a necessity. I found the striped tights at Walmart (you can view pictures from my shopping trip and more detailed project photos on Google+).

wicked witch of the east costume

Add a baby in a dorky plaid shirt with a lollipop and you’ve got yourself a munchkin! We’re on our way to having the whole Wizard of Oz cast here. I’m currently working on making a “Man Behind the Curtain” outfit for Nate. He’s such a great sport.

Update: The local Fox news channel featured our homemade Halloween costume along with some other really cute DIY kids’ outfits from members of the community. How exciting!

This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Elmer’s #gluenglitter #collectivebias #CBias. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Heidi Daily says:

    I love this idea! How creative and original!

  2. This is so super creative! I have three kids that want to make their own costumes this year- and all involve wearing boxes! One wants to be a vending machine (and pass out candy to his friends), one wants to be a Jack-in-the-box, and one wants to be the yellow Angry bird!

  3. That is just too funny!  I love how creative you are. 

  4. I love this idea!  LOL that is just so great!

  5. Love this costume! The details you put into it are amazing and the idea was very creative! 

    • I love projects that just sort of run away on their own. This started with such a simple idea and the details popped into my head along the way.

  6. Wow!  That is one impressive costume for a young girl.  Love it.

  7. this is so cute and so creative!

  8. Oh. My. Gosh. I love this, Chelsea! So creative and hilarious! I can’t wait to hear what comments you get when you go out in that :)

    • It’s being featured on the local Fox news channel tomorrow morning in a homemade costumes segment they’re doing! I can’t wait to see what everyone has to say about it.

  9. Mjblog09 says:

    Oh my goodness. That is so so creative!! LOve it

  10. Tiffany Cruz says:

    AMAZING!!! Great idea. LOVE IT.

  11. That has got to be the most creative and original costume ever! I love it!

  12. The Spring Mount 6 Pack says:

    Very cute idea. I love it!

  13. Libby's Library says:

    You are brilliant!

  14. This is amazing!

  15. That is just too cute! I love that idea, it would definitely win some awards in a costume contest!

  16. Oh my gosh I love it! :)

  17. Oh my gosh I love it! :)

  18. Theresa says:

    That such a great costume. I made a mini version of something like this for my porch but never thought of making a costume like the house falling on Dorthy! Great job! The segment on Fox was great, so many cool ideas.

  19. Dana4494 says:

    I searched for many ideas on how to make this costume and I am so glad I chose yours. Your instructions were very detailed and easy to follow. This costume was a HUGE hit and I’ll keep it to do it again. Thanks!

  20. Great tutorial! thanks for sharing.

  21. Oh my gosh, that is so fun! I just love it!