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Morning coffee at the campsite

Kickstarting the Adventure Camp with a Coffee Maker

Every dog will have its day and every day will have its dawn. A cold, bleak, bleary dawn meant only to torment those of us not born to the fragment of the mutant population known as "morning people." You know, the ones who wake up singing This Little Light of Mine as they dance their way into the warm shower. No sir, it's only cold showers for me. This sensation, of course, is only multiplied when camping.
Fishing in the Eastern Sierrasvideo

Catching Fish and Memories in the Eastern Sierra

There is a whisper in the trees. A soft song that comes and goes as faithfully as the wind, emanating from the needles of pines. It is the hum of Mother Nature, quietly reassuring anyone who listens that she is there and she is in control. If you do choose to listen, you can hear just how vast and grand the world is. You can hear time itself blowing by. In these moments, you might find a certain peace in your insignificance.
Laughing brother

Throw a Pre-Baby “Sibling Party”

The boys are super-excited for the arrival of their new little brother, but I'd be lying if I said there wasn't some struggle involved...
Rooftop tent camping. Camp is where you park it!

A HART for the Darkness

Roughly. Roughly 93 million miles away from where I stand, a steady stream of photons were ejected from a gigantic plasmic orb and traveled...
Time flies, but you're the pilot... quote

Building up the Bear: Stepping up for Drinks and Shade

The two most noticeable variables in travel - regardless of where you are going - are comfort and ease. In the case of road-trippers...
How to setup the best tailgate ever. Tailgating out of your truck - even on pavement - can be seriously rad with some misters, a pop-up tent, a portable refrigerator and more

King of the (Tailgating) Cove

San Diego is a lovely place to live and play. It has mostly moderate weather and a number of things you can do around...
Crowley Natural Hot Spring in Northern California

Sheep to Wake You

My estranged aunt posted one of those memes on Facebook recently. It stated that the human body recovers from the negative effects of restless sleep...

Our Rooftop Tent Camping Trailer

You all have seen a lot of our camping trailer with its CVT rooftop tent. We've even had a few readers write to say...
Learning how to adventure and explore outdoors by vehicle at Overland Expo West.

Our First Time at Overland Expo

I grew up all over the western half of the United States. I may have only lived in Washington, Oregon, California and Oklahoma but...
Create a "drive-out" movie night

The Drive-Out Movie Night

It seems, as we grow up, we never turn out quite as we imagined.  I'm not talking about being an astronaut or President. I'm...